Workshops / Training

I have supported organisations across the globe and bring together a wealth of leadership experience, infused with cutting edge learning experiences. I go beyond simply training employees and will help to develop your people into more creative, self-aware and resilient human beings not just at work but also in their everyday life.

Inspired people are the difference between a team that fails to thrive, and one that out performs all others.

Use me to help you discover how insights from neuroscience play out within organisations. This is an exciting and emerging field. The more consciously aware we are of how our brains operate, the more progress we can achieve.  Discovering and understanding both our individual and shared purpose with confidence, creates positive and sustainable outcomes for teams and organisations.

Each workshop or change programme is bespoke, written and facilitated to achieve your desired outcomes. If you prefer a one size fits all, traditional approach to training with endless power points and pre-reads then I am not for you.

However, should you want to provide continuous investment for your teams – an experience which shifts mind-set, enhances emotional and thinking skills, as well as providing a usable toolkit, that creates lasting changes, then get in touch.