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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”

Frederick Douglas

I am passionate about working with children and young people. I believe that if our children were to understand how to navigate their brain programmes and have access to positive change tools from early in their learning journey, they would have an altogether smoother development into well rounded, self-aware adults.

My clients frequently share their thoughts with me following a session or event. They often tell me that their life could have been very different if they had been aware of my tools and techniques whilst growing up.

This has been the motivation behind my projects with children and young people. The BOUNCE Resilience Academy and The Brainy Bunch are both very different but heartfelt projects which provide children and young people with the strategies and tools to become healthy, self-aware, resilient and confident adults.

The BOUNCE Resilience Academy

The BOUNCE Resilience Academy was developed in 2016. It is an intense summer programme for children and young people, designed to build personal resilience, self-esteem and confidence. Utilising cutting edge techniques, the programme combines consultant led workshops and activities interspersed with drama and immersive-based learning sessions. All of these are themed around a specific objective to meet the needs of the participants.

BOUNCE is a unique and collaborative project which has achieved positive and life-changing outcomes for children and young people. Recent collaborations have been with Darlington Children’s and Young People’s Service; Durham Constabulary; The Durham Police Crime and Victim’s Commissioner and Durham County Council. 

In 2019 I was honoured to receive a Chief Constables Commendation for my commitment and success with the BOUNCE Resilience Academy.

The Brainy Bunch

The Brainy Bunch are a quirky, fun, family of characters that I developed as a teaching aid to help children understand what is going on inside their brains. Each unique character represents one of the brain chemicals or one of the parts of the brain.

The Brainy Bunch characters are used alongside practical learning activities to highlight the effect of these brain chemicals and allow them to experience them for themselves.

As the characters begin to be brought to life in an interactive way for children, they help them to understand how to be able to control their amazing brains, how to manufacture more of the chemicals that they need and how to manage the unhelpful ones.

I love to be able to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organisations. I am proud to have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Sedgefield School Sports Partnership and together we have developed ‘Team Up’ which is a unique programme that blends the positive powers of physical activity with wellbeing tools and techniques to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and adults.

We recognise that physical activity has a key role to play in not only physical health but also personal development, mental health, emotional wellbeing and even academic achievement.

By combining my wellbeing techniques with physical activity in this way, Team Up successfully achieves our goals to inspire children to be the best they can be, and to educate professionals to become the best possible role models.

The success of Team Up is growing at a rapid rate and the team is currently supporting more than twenty five schools in the North East of England.